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get to know me meme » male charachter [2/5]

Blaine Anderson

Ugh, can I just say Glee Club sucks? Mr Schue asked for ideas for Nationals and when I gave some genius ones, everyone got all mad and started dissing me. Maybe I came on too strong but since when is that a bad thing?

@msleamichele: I can’t fit in one tweet how amazing @chordoverstreet is..

glee meme; (4/5) OTPs - Finchel 

"I just feel like all my life I’ve been, you know, wondering if I was gonna be as much as a man as my father was. Now all of a sudden I’m up at night worried that I’m gonna become the man who he was. Let’s face it, I got- I got high school hero, life zero written all over me. Except for one thing: you. You’re like a- a beacon of light guiding me through the darkness. you’re like this- this big gold star and for some bizarre reason…you chose to let me love you. and I feel like if I can just convince you to let me keep doing that, I’m gonna be okay. Everything’s gonna be okay."

haylijah’s ‘longing looks in the bayou’ - requested by anon


"My outside-self is catching up to my inside-self."

I really wanna be with you Santana, and I’m sure now more than ever I belong with you, and I’m sure your girlfriends great but you can’t recreate what you and I have. It’s your choice. If you want me I’m here. 


Rachel Berry + houndstooth pattern